About Sarah

This website is a tribute and celebration of our daughter Sarah who was tragically murdered on June 3rd 2008, aged 22.
Words will not express her beauty and magic but through these pages you may catch a glimpse of her.
Also known by her art name, Skitl, Sarah was a creator of beautiful things from an early age. She grew up in an environment where music, books, pottery, craft, art and artisans were her everyday surroundings.
At her core, in her heart , she was a content, fulfilled human being and from that love of life beamed kindness, understanding and love. Friends will tell you of her generosity, many times spending hours, even days making an intricate bracelet or necklace, then just giving it away to an admirer without a second thought. She touched people with her compassion, warmth and humour leaving indelible impressions on many, even passing aquaintances. Finally it was her kindness to others that caused her end in this world.
Perhaps her light was too bright for this world. Certainly it's a darker place without her.
The content on these pages will grow as time goes by; we are still uncovering little treasures and we will continue to add them as they come to light.
Thank you to those who have sent kind messages. Unfortunately, due to spam we have disabled the contact facility.
With love and fondest memories of our special girl.